The God of Rain

Among unending dunes, the people pray

Up to the omnipotent God of rain,

Clamoring that they haven’t gone astray

Yet, still He harbors anger and disdain


The flora withered and now cease to grow

As throats are blighted with horrendous thirst

Daylight beats down in malevolent glow

The sickly population fears the worst


Eyes close to give way to death’s sweet reprieve

As bodies bake upon the scorching sand,

And to the God of Rain the rest do grieve,

Uttering final words to save the land


The prayers unheard is proof they are remiss,

For they failed to check if their God exists

The Work of Detective Winfred Mason

A corpse bequeathed unto a charming town,

Dismembered and dissected in the night,

And hastily entombed in a dirt mound,

Did give the young schoolboy a mammoth fright


So entered Winfred Mason with his lens;

The finest eye across the countryside

The imprecise infraction he would cleanse

And figure where the killer did reside


But every path of fancy yielded naught

As months did pass without an inkling heard

The Eye confessed the case he could not sort,

And then he disappeared without a word


A life would Mason spend concealed in grime,

For he investigated his own crime


How grand to be a harbinger of love!

To guide the growing bond of two colleagues

And view the adoration they receive;

A true endowment from the lord above

But now the teacher is forgotten of

Affection of the half I must retrieve,

Even if a violent web I must weave

‘Tis the binding price to chase a dove


Removed now is her man out of my way,

Yet still her slip’ry love remains unearned

I will persuade the goddess in due time,

Even if I need to work night and day

Until my lust for her is truly learned,

For I am hers; forever she is mine

Cassie's Birthday Party

Among the merry tots, I laugh and cheer

We gathered with our gifts to celebrate

The birth of sweet blonde Cassie, marking eight;

Uniting mule and tail did peak her year

Then came adults to cause our minds to veer

A missing Cassie, now we must locate,

But no one had observed her as of late

So, off the adults scrambled in great fear


Both kids and parents started a great search

And after long, the quest was looking bleak,

And Cassie’s mom was jeering dad a fool

Then, mommy spied a scene that made her lurch,

And cutting through the house came a sharp shriek,

For Cassie was found face-down in the pool

Janitorial Position

Today I donned my finest cashmere suit

To interview for janitor at school

But ere I started, they imposed the boot

They said, “no second chances, hulking fool!”


Tomorrow, then, I’ll switch to Mike or Scott,

For they are men the bosses had not seen

Then, I’ll obtain the job for which I’ve fought:

To keep the local institution clean


But when I returned guised as someone else,

The interviewer screamed and yelled and spat,

Demanding that I leave and go to hell

And joined a striking legal caveat


At last I came back in the perfect guise:

One which gouged out the interviewer’s eyes

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