• Jacob Turk

I'm Back to do Creative Stuff

After a three-month hiatus, I've returned to the world of creative writing! Read on to find out my plans for finishing my novel, The Injection Game, as well as my plans for publishing two poetry books! 23/07/19.

Let’s get this out of the way: I’ll be finishing the first draft of my novel, The Injection Game, by the end of the summer. Period. That’s not a goal, but a requirement. One which I will most certainly fulfill.

Second, I hope to stock up enough poems by the end of the summer to warrant content for two complete poetry books. I’ve decided to name the first poetry book Effigy of a Humble Husk. Effigy will feature poems about life, religion, depression, humanity, selfishness, and so on. I guess you could classify the contents of Effigy as “observational poems.” If I see something strange or notable about humanity or the world and feel like writing a poem about it, Effigy is where it’ll go.

My other poetry book will be named Close to Home. That book will feature all my horror poems. I assume the star of the Close to Home show will be the big section of dark limericks, which is my favorite type of horror poetry to write. There’s just something fun to me about being able to tell a chilling horror story within the confines of five small lines. Also, limericks are historically happy, whimsical poems, so I like the juxtaposition of forcing the poetry style to house my creepy words instead of happy words.

Finally, as usual, I’ll continue writing and editing short stories as I work on my larger projects.

There. I’m back to being a writer.

Some of you may have guessed, but the reason I took a hiatus from writing was to give another attempt at a stint of playing poker, both online and live, at casinos. The couple months I spent on the game were marginally successful, but not successful enough to have me feeling fulfilled. Plus, I chose to switch back from poker to writing at the tail-end of a three-week downswing----a period during which I experienced an above average amount of bad luck. Enduring the downswing was very stressful; it felt like I was putting in work that wasn’t being rewarded. In fact, it felt like I was being punished. That’s why I’m returning to writing for the rest of the summer to, at the very least, finish all the projects I started at the beginning of 2019.

Besides, I’m starting at the University of Toronto studying English in just over a month. I’d love to be able to enter my program with a finished manuscript for a novel and two poetry books already under my belt. No, not for the bragging rights, but to be able to use the opinions of my peers and professors to improve my manuscripts and to improve my overall writing skills for the future.

My first order of business is to update everything on my website. I believe, under the “important dates” section, I claim to have already finished my manuscript sometime in April or May. Of course, that’s not true, so I need to push that date back to the beginning of September. Next, I can now add information about my two poetry books, Effigy of a Humble Husk and Close to Home. It’s time to start building the hype now so that I can spread my poems as widely as possible when the books are completed. Lastly, I’m discontinuing the Jacob Turk Author Podcast. The time I was putting into recording and editing the episodes wasn’t bearing much fruit. I feel that time would be better-served going towards working on my novel and poetry books, instead.

After my website is updated, I’ll need to grit my teeth and work; write until my brain is mush and my fingers are raw, bloody stumps. This is the first time in the last couple years that I’ve felt the pressure of a looming deadline: soon I’ll be in school, and I won’t have nearly as much writing time. Plus, with the free time I’ll have, I may not even want to write, anyway. My day will likely be filled with enough reading and writing of whatever U of T tells me to----I might be burnt out of writing halfway through the day.

So, I need to make use of the time I have right now. Over the next month and a bit I’m going to make a massive push with my writing to try and accomplish something I can be proud of, namely finishing the first draft of my novel and poetry books.

Wish me luck!

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