In the night tableau

Two winged figures await

Their moment to sing

Our bodily marks,

Quick to be judged by others,

Are a source of pride

Chilling wind blows by

Bones become rigid and slow

Healed by hot cocoa

Trees whisper secrets

Dirt skips across the terrain

Animals shiver

Celestial things

Revel in distant friendships

Through gravity’s pull

Sound waves in my ears

Could be a quaint melody

Or a dreadful scream

The sun smiles above

A teeming, lively meadow,

Where all things smile back

A bird swiftly soars,

Making the avian trek

Destination: warmth

My blade’s brilliant glint

Achieves peak intensity

When shaded crimson

The gusts wave hello,

Coaxing the colourful leaves

To dance playfully

Encroaching sunlight

Betrays the grand owl’s senses

And forces retreat

Focused light refracts,

Emitting dazzling colours

In a supple arc

Wood box, metal strings

Forging music solely through


Bounding sheath begets

The swift, majestic flyer:


Piercing moonlight marks

The nocturnal power shift,

Deemed by a shrill howl

Even the worst day

Will see the long night bequeath

A new horizon

I tend to forget

But my biggest problem is,

Oh shoot, I forgot

As we text and call

We charge our phone’s batteries

And deplete our own

Sprinting for the kill;

Deft swipe yields lifeless target

Triumphant housecat

Water shifts its state,

Searching for identity

At heat’s foul mercy

Looming over all

Aggressor, until ascent

Conquered at its peak

In the sun of spring,

Flowers gift the honeybees

The sweetest exchange

Enticing scents wrap

The dominant crustacean,

Calling him to breed

As day shifts to night

The sky explodes with colours:

Enthralling palette

After years have passed,

From beneath the arid soil,

My father still laughs

Nature’s true triptych:

One, stalk your prey. Two, slaughter.

Three, enjoy triumph.

Throughout the still marsh

A low, steady note resounds:

The lonely frog’s wail

Righteous voices sing

As the dead rise to heaven

But not for mother

The damp sand relents

As gentle waves uncover

Old crustacean homes

The lithe swan ponders

Questions of harrowing depth

As it floats along

As clouds swell the sky,

Blessing Earth with sweet moisture,

The wilted grass gulps

Joyful tots gather

To mark the Yuletide beauty

Of twinkling snowflakes

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