Growth and Decay







But it’s

Not smart

Enough, JC

Out the womb

Crying and as

Teeny as can be,

Needing mom and

Dad for our first

Few years in life,

We grow and learn to

Talk and eat and love;

Aging advance is rife

The process holds such

Beauty, at least till we

Reach our impending peak

And at the summit only find

We become old, tired, and weak

Then we trod down backwards, 

Right to the mountain base,

Whence we realize that we

Strive to lose this race

Last to the bottom wins

Since they stay alive

Decay is inevitable

Until at last we die

And just like that

Our mind drowns,

Cells return to

Mother Earth

Death’s path

Will not end;

It can’t be


Not by my

Hand, no

Not by

Me, no







                                                Stab is

                                             All it takes

                                             To sink the

                                            Metal blade,

                                           And send the

                                          Victim of your

                                       Choice screaming

                                     Down to their grave

                                       To have the gift of

                                     Watching someone’s

                                    Soul escape their eyes

                                       Is a highly coveted

                                      And transitory prize

                                    Likewise, is the ability

                                   to uncover loving word;

                                    To break the seal and

                                      Reconnect a sacred

                                           Love inferred

     The serpent’s silver tongue does not decide upon its use,

     But will duly mock companion if it’s called to be a noose,

  Or strike a pose with pride if shined and hung upon the wall,

           Or mesmerize a greedy host with unforgiving thrall

                                  The place of naïve owner

                                   Reads dangerous at best

                            The silver tongue will certainly

                                     Conduct a crucial test;

                                   A check to measure valor

                                And mind’s intended course

                                     If failed, it will retaliate

                                     With unrelenting force

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