COMING releases

Hop on the hype train! These are my projects closest to being released. For any project that's really close to release, you'll find the estimated release date here.

The Injection GamE - Novel

Eddie Baxter is a complacent, depressed New York resident. He's trudging through life, fighting a crumbling marriage and on the verge of losing his accounting job.

That is, until Eddie is chosen as the next target of the injection group, a team of wealthy business people with an interesting idea of what constitutes a hobby.

Once Eddie is chosen, his life crumbles even faster as his sense of control begins to slip and paranoia sets in. He drives closer and closer to the brink of mania, loosely aware that something much bigger than he could have dreamed may be affecting him.

As Eddie desperately tries to maintain a grip on his life he races to uncover exactly what "The Injection Group" is, and if they can even be stopped. Can Eddie put the pieces of the puzzle together before it's too late?

Effigy of a Humble Husk - Poetry Collection

Effigy of a Humble Husk is a collection of observational poems about humanity; life; and the difficult concepts that we, as human beings, struggle with every day. The poems in Effigy touch on subjects ranging from depression, anxiety, and grievance to love, acceptance, and triumph.

Some of the Effigy poems are simple statements about simple concepts, and others are more profound. All the poems, however, are designed to offer a unique perspective about a certain aspect of human life (which, we know, is an incredibly complex and difficult undertaking).

Close to Home - Poetry Collection

Close to Home is a collection of my horror-themed poetry----tales to spook even the most steel-nerved of readers. Of course, none of the poems deal with witches or monsters; they deal with what I consider to be the scariest thing known to mankind: the human mind. More specifically, what can happen when the human mind becomes so tainted and maimed that it starts birthing vile, unforgivable decisions.

I titled the collection Close to Home because of how realistic the events featured in the poems can be. Reading about slime monsters and aliens just isn't relatable----it's not that scary to me. But, reading about a set of gruesome murders at the hand of an unexpected psychopath? You see stuff like that on the news from time to time.

The poems in Close to Home are meant to take you into the heart of horrific (and realistic) situations. Only for a moment, mind you----just long enough to make you shudder!

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