My name is Jacob Turk, I’m 22 years old, and I love to write.


I was born on June 29, 1997 to Tim and Sue in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. My father is a professional hockey instructor and has been in the hockey industry for most of his life. My mother manages my dad’s business and is an entrepreneur, herself.


Ever since I learned how to write, I couldn’t stop. When I was six, I wrote a series of superhero stories titled Awesome Man. A few years later, I began what would be my largest childhood project, The Rohan Journals (no relation to the setting in Middle-earth!). The Rohan Journals follows a group of heroes thrust into the heart of adventure, forced on a journey across many unique worlds to rescue their kidnapped mentor. Over four years I wrote three installments, totalling over 400 hand-written pages!

In tenth grade, I entered a national poetry competition through my high school English class. Even though I had little experience writing poetry, my poem The Fields of Corruption won second prize and was published in the Polar Expressions Poetry Anthology.


In high school I was an overachiever, always with marks in the 90’s. Then, a gentleman named Mr. Marando taught me English. Mr. Marando was the hardest marker I ever encountered. I had to work for my final grade; I scrutinized every sentence and revised every essay at least three times----three more than usual! In the end, I received an 88 for my efforts. At first, I was disappointed with my score. I then realized that even though Mr. Marando hadn’t given me the grade I wanted, he gave me something much more valuable. His meticulous teaching style made me dig into my writing more than ever. It allowed me to explore my passion and learn invaluable new things about literature.


Despite my love of English, I chose to pursue mathematics for my post-secondary education. I enrolled at the University of Waterloo for a BMath in Applied Mathematics. I did well in my classes, but something didn’t feel right. Over the course of two and a half years of University, it became apparent that I wasn’t pursuing my passion.


Thus, I only completed half of my degree before deciding to drop out of school at the age of twenty. During my final semester at Waterloo, I imagined my life as a writer or entrepreneur, and it was incredible. I longed to have complete control over my schedule and actions; to work in a field where I could apply my creativity and have fun when I worked. I was ready to make that happen, too. All except for one small problem.


In my last year of University, I developed a minor gambling addiction. Once I had dropped out, my addiction clouded my judgement as I began patronizing casinos and pursuing a career as a professional poker player. This went on for half a year before I made a massive push to gain control over my gambling urges and steady my life’s path.


Having surmounted my gambling issues, I turned to writing and haven’t looked back since. In September 2019 I will return to university to pursue a BA in Creative Writing. Until then, I am residing at my home in Brampton, Ontario, writing poetry, short stories, and working on my debut novel, The Injection Game.

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